Zendesk Themes - Terms of Use

We have some important information regarding the terms of use for our WordPress and Zendesk Guide themes. We are grateful that you have chosen to trust us with your  theme and want to share the terms and conditions that apply to all themes that we sell. By purchasing or using one of our themes, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions described below.

Theme Licensing

Standard license: This license provides a pre-built theme that you can enable directly in your help center. Standard licenses do not provide access to the source code and only allow preconfigured settings.

Developer license: This license provides a pre-built theme with access to the theme code, so you can customize the theme to meet your needs. Once you customize a theme, it becomes a custom theme, and you can no longer download updates for it. However, if you make changes to a copy of the theme, the original version can still receive updates. You can upgrade a standard license to a developer license on the theme settings page.

Terms and Conditions

Once you purchase a theme, you will have access to it in your own Zendesk instance, and you are free to use it for yourself or your employer. If you purchased the developer edition, you can modify the theme source code to meet your needs. You can make changes yourself or with the help of a web developer. After purchasing a theme, you can only use it for a single Zendesk instance. If your Zendesk subscription includes a multi-brand feature, you can use the theme for all of the brands as long as they belong to one Zendesk instance.

Theme Updates

Theme updates are available to customers who have purchased an individual theme. If you purchased the theme through the Zendesk Marketplace, updates will be available through the Marketplace. We may retire older themes if we feel they no longer represent our offerings.

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